Morning Routines

Everybody is busy nowadays, that’s a reality, but that does not mean you have to give up on your health. One of the best ways to start your day in a positive and healthy mood is to create your morning routines, where you can spend no more than 30 minutes on it and add hours in your day with peace, relaxation and more energy.

Do you want to check 5 ideas to make your own morning routine? Here we go:

1. Sun salutation

Start your day stretching your body. This helps wake up the body, the senses and your intern organs. This sequence of yoga is wonderful and full of benefits. You can choose another sequence or stretching, but the sun salutation works for everyone. Make 3 x at the pace you want and with the window letting the sun comes in. See step-by-step here!

2. Warm water with lemon

Full of awesome benefits this habit is excellent to clean your body when you have an empty stomach. You just have to remember to brush your teeth right after drinking it and wait 20 minutes before eating. So, try to make sure you take it as soon as possible and then use those 20 minutes to the other routines.

3. Be thankful

To start your day off, write down on a notebook what you feel grateful in your life. It can be 1 or more than 3, but say “thanks”! Having gratitude helps our focus and also to increase good energy in our lives. Then focus on your goals you want to achieve in your life, whatever it is, close your eyes and imagine yourself achieving these goals, feel and believe.

4. Facial massage

How about having a radiant and beautiful skin? The facial massage helps to drain the face, get rid of the swelling and make the skin healthier. Check my post here about it and this image below. It is just amazing!

5. Warm Shower

Take a warm to hot shower (it does have to burn the skin), so it will help eliminate toxins and cleanse the accumulated oil on the skin overnight. Besides relaxing the muscles and give you more energy for the day.

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