Beet Chips

Looking for some healthy snakcs? One of my favorite one is the veggie chips. This one here is made by rainbow-beets, this cutest food ever! ;)

To make them is so simple, but it takes almost one hour in oven and since it shrinks a lot, you should use a lot of beets. This is the only inconvenient. But you can keep them in a closed jar but for 3 days. Oh and I love eating them with homemade hummus, you can get the recipe here.



Himalayan salt

Any seasoning you like, herbs, Italian…

How to make them:

Turn the oven in 350 degrees.

Just slice them into really thin slices and pour them in a bowl.

Season with salt and the other seasoning you like.

Place them in a tray with wax paper and let them in oven until golden brown, about 1 hour, it depends on the oven.

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