Free Workshop!

Did you know that doing healthy groceries can completely change your health and also your family? That your body can get rid of toxins just by choosing good and organic products?

Find out all that and more awesome tips on my FREE workshop "HEALTHY GROCERIES: Getting rid of chemicals and toxins in our bodies" that is going to happen this Thursday (February, 11th) in Indianapolis at Hinge Bureau at 5 pm.

I am so excited to share all these awesome and useful tips with you! This FREE workshop is designed to all busy women who want to be healthier and happier by learning easy tips when it comes to groceries and preparing food. You will learn: >> Food label claims (understand stamps like “free-range,” "grass-fed, etc). >> The difference taste between organic and nonorganic food. >> How to buy healthy condiments for your meals. >> How to create healthy snacks. >> Basic kitchen set-up. >> How to create a weekly healthy menu. To enroll, please check in on my Facebook event! See you soon! ;)

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