TPHP-free nail polish: Learn more!

A study conducted by Duke University, along with the Group for Environmental Studies, found that the toxic compound triphenyl phosphate (also known as TPHP) enters our body through the nail, which means nail polish. Yep, shocking!

This substance is suspected to be responsible for the irregularity of female reproductive hormones, obesity and some other health problems. :( Although not required appear on the package, most of the brands have the compound in the composition. According to the researchers, the 10 brands tested, eight had the compound in its composition!

The main purpose of use of the substance is to make the nail polish last longer nail. Concentrations may vary from brand to brand. Light shades nail polishes tend to have greater concentration than the dark.

The conclusion is clear: any girl who paints her nails may be exposed to a known substance concentration to cause irregularity of reproductive hormones. When in doubt, let the nail to breathe, at least from time to time and always try to find brands 100% TPHP-free, like Zoya, Suncoat, Lauren B and LVX.

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