Healthy Celebrations – 5 tips!

Here we go to one more Christmas and one more New Year’s Eve. That short moment of the year we think about the whole year that it is about to end, make plans for the next one and of course, eat! Actually we end up eating more than we are used to and besides all the overeating, we are lazier than usual, sometimes more stressed and depending where you live, if it is winter or summer, you will be colder or warmer.

To help you out, here it goes 5 tips to pass this moment of celebration as healthy as possible. In the end, you will be so thankful to yourself and ready for next year!

1. Food choices

You don’t have to avoid all the typical food of this season. But you can choose wisely what you are going to eat. Start with salad, and go for greens with good dressing like olive oil and lemon. Turkey is always a good choice of protein, but avoid the skin. Vegetarian? Choose mushrooms quiche, quinoa risotto.

2. Sweet tooth

You don’t have to completely forget about sweets, but you can choose to have small portions and try to avoid repeat over and over. The best option is to have just one option. J If you are on a diet, try to choose a fruit. A good option is poached pears and instead of sugar you can use maple syrup.

3. Toasting

When it comes to parties, we think about wines and champagnes, right? Yep, but also hangovers! So, it is OK to toast and enjoy a glass of a good wine for example, that is totally fine. But once more, the moderation is the key.

4. Jingle your body

One thing that works for me it is after waking up, do some work out right away. Could be your favorite sequence of exercises, a walk, yoga, rope jumping. Choose an exercise that makes you feel boosted and do it. 10, 15, 20 to 30 minutes is enough to remind your body to continue burning calories.

5. Relax!

Don’t worry too much if something goes wrong, like a recipe that overcooked a little bit, something you forgot to buy, the decoration is not how you expected. You are with family, friends, it should be a non-judgment moment. Just relax and have fun!

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