December: time to plan a healthier year!

Wow, we reached December! One more year to finish and another one to start. That why this moment of the year it is a great period to plan your next steps, your resolutions and all your goals for 2016. Don’t leave to the end of the year when we are so into the craziness of holidays, do it in the beginning of the month when you can put all your good energy on it.

To help you, I selected 10 tips to have a healthier year and for sure, being healthier you can conquer all your goals. Are you ready? Here it goes:

1. I will drink more water

This is something you should focus every moment. Water can really treat anything, almost a miracle! And I’m talking about water not teas, juices…

2. I will eat more organic

This a plan for life! If it is not possible (for any reason) to eat 100% organic, try as much as you can! It is more expensive, I know, but your health will thank you later.

3. I will cook at home more often

You don’t time, you don’t skills? No excuses at all! You can count on me checking my recipes here on my blog or even planning to have cooking classes at home (check out my classes here!programs/cgk3a ).Go go go!

4. I will exercise at least 3 times a week

Again, no excuses! You can workout at the gym, do a favorite sport, walk in the park or even home. Move your body!

5. I will listen to my body

You body tells you how you are inside and you are the only person who can listen to it. Pause your busy life and try to listen to it. Breath!

6. I will meditate

Do you need more proofs of how meditation can really save your life? Google it, read books, watch the documentary Awake – The Life of Yogananda and understand how 5 to 15 minutes can change your life.

7. I will eat less meat, sugar, caffeine, white flour, salt

Yep! It is always time to change your old habits! Don’t need to go radical, just reduce and feel the difference.

8. I will forgive more

Hold anger feelings within you is not a healthy habit at all. Forgive and let it go as much as you can!

9. I wil celebrate more

Celebrate life, family, friends you love, the new conquer in your job… just celebrate every little tiny thing! Be thankful!

10. I will believe in a superior divine

Having faith in something superior does wonderful to our mind, soul and body.

I hope this will help you planning your year ahead. Namaste!

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