Cold Season: How to Be Healthy!

It’s fall time! Air is getting dryer and the weather colder. Leaves are turning colors. With all these changes, do you think our bodies will work the same? That’s impossible! Our body reacts to the new environment change. Sometimes you feel sleepier and tired. Maybe you want to pee more, right? ;) Some muscles pain gets worse and sometimes you crave more sweets. Well, don’t worry, this is all true and happens to most of the people around the world. But how to “survive” until the next spring? ;) Today we got some tips to help you to feel better during the fall and winter time. Here it goes:

1. Warm yourself up

Drink more hot tea. Try ginger, green tea, red tea (Rooibos) and cinnamon are good options. Also go for some soup to bring comfort, specially at night. Vegetables soups like, tomato and vegetables or butternut squash are awesome!

2. Drink water

You may feel your skin and lips dryer, right? So keep up with your daily hydration. It is not because is cold you will forget about hydrating yourself.

3. Try some oil

Besides drinking water, your skin needs an extra help with the dryness. Try some oil like sesame or coconut oil every, specially before going to bed. It softens the skin and also warm your body.

4. Workout in the morning

Yes, we feel lazier in the cold time, so why leave the workout to the night time? You have more changes to quit, right? Try to wake up one hour earlier, if you work out at a gym for example or 30 minutes before, if you like to exercise at home.

5. Cravings

Just craving for sweets? Try to change to healthier options. What about trying some warm banana or apple with cinnamon? Or maybe a pumpkin spiced latte with coconut milk? Mmmmm. Actually, anything with pumpkin goes perfect this season, right?

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