20 Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is much more than an awesome oil to cook healthier meals. It moisturizes skin and hair, helps treat cellulite among many other uses.

Today I listed 20 coconut oil uses, for you to delight and have a thousand pots around the house! ;)

1. Of course, the number 1 is the use for cooking, baking, frying. A great dairy free replacement.

2. With coffee in the morning, it boots your energy, serving as a substitute for cream.

3. Help to lighten age spots. Just rub a little every day.

4. Helps lighten pregnancy stretch marks.

5. As to moisturize and massage oil.

6. As a hair mask. Spread by the hair, put a shower cap and leave for a few hours and then rinse.

7. With sugar makes a powerful exfoliating at bath time.

8. Helps relieve allergy symptoms, just rub a little oil inside the nose.

9. One tablespoon in the hot tea helps you recover from a cold.

10. To soothe sunburn.

11. Mixed with coffee beans, helps treat cellulite.

12. Reduces mosquito bite itch.

13. It works like sunscreen.

14. Mixed with salt removes feet dry skin.

15. Hydrates lips.

16. Used in the cuticles, help the nail to grow.

17. It can be mixed with other oils to enhance skin hydration.

18. It can be added to your morning smoothie to give more energy.

19. A tablespoon of coconut oil and chia in the morning, gives you more energy for the day.

20. The use of the oil daily helps relieve allergy symptoms and helps you stay more alert!

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