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To create a healthier lifestyle you have to master

the art of uncomplicating things.

But there is a problem...

  • To create a healthy routine you need time.

  • What you’ve tried so far isn’t working.

  • You are tired of information overload about health and wellness. 

  • Most training and programs are boring and ineffective.

  • Nobody has given you a plan to help you.

What Makes You Happy - Healthy Lifestyle by Rita Avellar has everything you need to create a healthier and happier life all in one place. Even if you have a busy routine and think you don't have time for yourself.


Your Plan for Creating a Healthier and Happier Life

Nourish Your Body
Download my free guide to learn in an easy way how to nourish your body (and mind) with nutrients to keep you full of vitality.
Improve Yourself
Join our programs and use our tools to learn how to create healthy habits even when you are super busy.
Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle
Create a healthier and happier life by mastering the art of uncomplicating things.

Lana Furnish, US Navy

Simply put, Rita was awesome! I was challenged to look deeper. And she cut through my bs, gracefully, to help me see the whole picture.  

Ivana Alves, Marketing Manager

Being in the program is like an awakening. It is a delicate and restrained direction on taking life more calmly and calming yourself. It's like having a helping hand and a book to see "how to act" on the situations that most afflict you.

Julia Evangelista, Screenwriter

I loved the program! Above all, it was an amazing self-process! I found questions about myself and my body that even in years of therapy I had never thought. Through this connection with myself is much easier to understand the signs of my body, take care of myself and not fall into such current traps before the program.

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